Programa Científico

9:00 – 9:50Henrique LeitãoAlice GuionnetGonçalo TabuadaIsabelle GallagherPeter Scholze
10:00-11:45Sessões MO10Sessões TU10Sessões WE10Sessões TH10Sessões FR10
12:00-12:50Alessio FigalliMarcelo VianaJosef Urban Carlos MatheusHugo Duminil-Copin
14:00-14:50Marie BocquillonMartin HairerPeter Cameron Alexei BorodinSessões FR14
15:00-16:45Sessões MO15Sessões TU15Sessões WE15Sessões TH15Sessões FR16
17:00-17:45Maria ChudnovskyAndré Neves Susan HolmesPersi Diaconis

Programa das Sessões Paralelas


● Mathematics Outreach

● Probability

● Recent advances and new directions in Hypercomplex Analysis

● A (non-representative) sample of Statistics

● Mathematical applications in health

● Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management

● História da Matemática

● Geometry

● Stochastic duality for Markov processes

● Dynamic Neural Fields: Numerical Simulations and Applications to Robotics

● Operations Research

● Variational and Topological Methods for Differential Equations

● Hyperbolic conservation laws: theory and numerics

● Undergraduate Enrolled in Research Projects

● Mathematical Models in Epidemiology

● Algebra

● Practical Applications of PDE's

● O Ensino da Matemática online em tempos de pandemia

● Conservative PDEs and applications

● Random matrices, integrable systems, and orthogonal polynomials

● Plataformas digitais para o ensino e a aprendizagem de Matemática

● Partial Differential Equations

● Numerical Analysis

● Dynamical Systems

● Some mathematical biology problems

● Mathematics for Insurance and Finance

● Matemática Recreativa

● Stochastic Processes

● Dynamic Games

● Identities in Algebras

● Ergodic theory and chaotic dynamical systems (Part 2)

● Combinatorics and Ramsey Theory

● Recent trends in stability and periodicity for differential equations in mathematical biology models


● Math Education

● Linear and Combinatorial Structures

● AI and Mathematics

● Heteroclinic dynamics and beyond

● Recent Developments in Malliavin Calculus

● Youngsters linking actuarial science & operations research

● Ergodic theory and chaotic dynamical systems (Part 1)

● Matemática, pandemia e ensino

● The interplay between dynamical systems and functional analysis

● Mathematical Relativity

● Deterministic and stochastic coagulation-fragmentation models

● Free groups, free monoids, and formal languages

● Automated Proofs in Mathematics

● Undergraduate that Published

● Algebraic Geometry

● Industrial Mathematics

● Interacting particle systems and random growth models

● Codes and Graph Spectra

● Non-classical algebraic structures

● Mathematical Structures in Quantum Foundations

● Olimpíadas de Matemática

● Statistics

● Proof Theory

● Nonlinear PDEs

● Young researchers session on Linear Models and Decision Theory


● Fractional Partial Differential Equations and Applications

● Mathematical Fluid Mechanics

● Mathematical software applied to research and education

● Stability analysis of dynamical systems and applications 1


● Data Science Mathematics

● Stability analysis of dynamical systems and applications 2

● Logic and Computation


● Avaliação Online na Matemática (14h-18h)

● Frações no 1.º Ciclo e 2.º Ciclo (14h-18h)

● A Geometria das "coisas" ou... as "coisas" com Geometria (14h-18h)

● O caminho das estrelas - a astronomia e a matemática ao serviço da navegação (14h-18h)

● Geogebra na Sala de Aula (14h-18h)